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Las computadoras en nuestra vida diaria, en historietas

Larry Cuban trae esta colección de historietas en su blog, asociadas con nuestras ya generalizadas interacciones con las computadoras en la vida diaria.

Origen: Cartoons on Computers in Our Lives


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Over-proved, but fantastic flavor: The Great British Baking Show as a model for writing reviews

Aplicable a las revisiones y evaluaciones en general: la importancia de que sean constructivas y tengan “valor” para quien las recibe.

The Contemplative Mammoth

I’ve recently started watching The Great British Baking Show*. I’m a bit late to the game, because, despite calling myself a foodie, I am not a fan of cooking shows. The American ones, at least, are so cutthroat, competitive, and nasty that I find them stressful. The trash-talking, sabotage, and antagonism are not fun for me, especially when I’m looking for a way to wind down after a long day in the lab.

Friends in the know assured me that the Great British Baking Show was different, however, and I’m glad I listened. It is, in a word, delightful. Yes, it’s an elimination competition, and yes, the challenges are tough and there are nail-biting moments and heartbreak, but it’s a really joyful show. There is so much to recommend it, from the diverse personalities of the bakers (from teenagers to immigrants to grandmothers to carpenters) to just how informative it is…

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